Kum Nye Yoga

Introduced by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche to the West in the 1970s, Kum Nye is an advanced mind-body discipline that is open to all. It uses the physical body, breath, and senses, yet works exclusively with energy, with life living in the body and senses. The practice of Kum Nye aims high and deep, fostering the ‘experience of being well’. It starts with being effective for stress reduction. It calms the mind, energizes the body, and restores a calm rhythmic breath. Kum Nye goes further as it refreshes the senses and ignites inner knowing. With Kum Nye, we can contact the reality of the nature of our being, of life as it lives in the body. Thus, we recapture a sense of freedom to make the most of life.

Kum Nye is presented in a variety of ways, suitable to each and every one. You may like to start with the audio CD’s or receiving ten lessons from our eKum Nye self-study program that consists of eleven levels. Or, you may enjoy studying the three Kum Nye books in-depth by our line-by-line plus commentary readings. The Academy offers audios and videos per each Kum Nye book plus in-depth video training programs, also suitable for becoming a Kum Nye teacher. You can learn more about Kum Nye here.

1 – Kum Nye Books

Take the time to receive the teachings directly, listening with your inner ear.

Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga   

The Joy of Being     Kum Nye Dancing

 2 – Line by Line Readings of each of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s Kum Nye books, with Commentaries by Arnaud Maitland

An in-depth study of each sentence plus commentary of the context and ramifications. The line-by-line readings have been much appreciated over the years. 

  • Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga
  • The Joy of Being
  • Kum Nye Dancing

3 – Ten Audio Sets of Guided Practices from Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga (downloads only)

One hour sessions for your private practice with specific topics, for different times.

4 – eKum Nye – Eleven Levels each with ten lessons

This is the perfect, gradual Kum Nye self-study program. You can practice in your own time, while you undoubtedly deepen your experience and appreciation for the benefits of Kum Nye. Nearly one thousand people have participated in this program so far.

5 – Video and Audio Programs

These are our most in-depth training programs of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s three Kum Nye books. Systematically set up it is easy to follow the clear videos and the inspired audios. These are the most in-depth programs on Kum Nye we offer.

I. Comprehensive Training – Kum Nye – Tibetan Yoga

Kum Nye Training, Level 1

II. Comprehensive Training – The Joy of Being

Kum Nye Training, Level 2

  • videos – 32 one-hour sessions
  • audios – 32 one-hour sessions
  • Complete video recordings of all 41 Guided Exercises – 3-7 minutes each

III. Comprehensive Training – Kum Nye Dancing

Kum Nye Training, Level 3

  • videos – 32 one-hour sessions
  • audios – 32 one-hour sessions
  • Complete video recordings of all 76 Guided Gestures – 3-7 minutes each

IV. Comprehensive Training – Kum Nye Healing

This topic is so broad and vast that many presentations are possible. These are two in-depth presentations.

Kum Nye Teacher Training Four – Open to everyone

  • Part One
    • videos – 27 one-hour sessions
    • audios – 27 one-hour sessions
    • transcription of all 27 sessions
  • Part Two
    • audios only – 30 one-hour sessions
    • transcription of all 30 sessions

V. Comprehensive Training – Kum Nye Meditation

Easy to start, simply to follow and in a short time, you will learn many of the traditional meditation insights.

  • Level One
    • videos – 12 one-hour sessions
    • audios – 12 one-hour sessions
  • Level Two 
    • videos – 12 one-hour sessions
    • audios – 12 one-hour sessions
  • Level Three
    • videos – 10 one-hour sessions
    • audios – 10 one-hour sessions
  • Level Four
    • A Comprehensive Teacher Training – Open to everyone
    • videos – 27 one-hour sessions
    • audios – 27 one-hour sessions
  • Level Five
    • audio recordings (un-edited) – 13th Annual Kum Nye Meditation Retreat, 2019

Kum Nye Morning Practice – V

  • videos – 24 one-hour practice sessions

With Kum Nye you can learn the language of your body, giving you more control over your style of expression. As you learn the language of your body, your feelings, and sensations, you can find your true foundation, instead of continuing to express your conditioned self, you can create a new life for yourself based on a better understanding of your own embodiment. In a way you have never before experienced, you can truly BE.

Tarthang Tulku in The Joy of Being