When China invaded Tibet in 1959 they burned all the Tibetan books and art they could find.  So many books were burned that the fires lasted for months.

Today the remaining Tibetan books and art are those items smuggled out by refugees as they fled over the snowy mountain passes.   These items are essential to the Tibetan culture and way of life that has been destroyed in their homeland.

“The whole point of our work, to preserve the Tibetan culture, is to put the precious teachings of the Dharma in the hands of the monks, nuns, lamas, and Tibetans in Exile. They are the hope for the future.”


Dharma Publishing is helping rebuild Tibetan libraries around the world through the preservation and distribution of Tibetan sacred books and art.  With the support of people just like you we are doing our best to help obtain copies of these ancient texts and art objects to reproduce them for distribution to Tibetan libraries around the world.

You Can Help!

Proceeds from the sale of books and art through our online store benefit the Yeshe De Text Preservation project. At the moment a single book costs around $8 each to make so for every $8 you spend you help to preserve this ancient wisdom tradition and ensure that future generations will have access to this precious heritage of knowledge.

If you would like to make a large donation to support this historic effort, you can reach us at or call our offices anytime between 9am and 6pm PST 707-847-3717.