Caring for Yourself – Gestures of Joy
Saturdays, September 12 – December 12, 2020Caring for Yourself

This course is an opportunity to explore self-care as the starting point for a healthy, joyful life. Our need for these teachings on Caring is evident when we consider how, in our Western culture, we seem to be on a constant quest to improve ourselves. Most of the time we view ourselves as flawed beings who need to be ‘fixed’ before we have worth.

Instead of a view of what we lack, we can care for ourselves with more gratitude for what we have been given. This new attitude will lead to a more satisfying and enjoyable life.

A Vision of Self-Care is designed to be experiential, interactive and dynamic. You will learn to take care of yourself by exploring what gets in the way of a caring, joyful and balanced life. By practicing attitudes and behaviors that allow your caring qualities to emerge, you can express their treasures within yourself and in your daily actions.

The Caring courses offer a path where the head and the heart are integrated in caring for ourselves and others. Classes include contemplative and meditative exercises, discussion and gentle Tibetan Yoga relaxation.


A Vision of Self-Care

Dates: September 12 – December 5, 2020 (12 weeks)
Time: 9:00 – 10:30AM PDT, Pacific time
Course Materials: Caring (2018) by Tarthang Tulku. You can purchase the book here
Course Donation: $240.00 Paid in full by Sept. 5, 2020
Or two installments, $120 each, Sept 5. and Oct. 12, 2020

Classes are transmitted via interactive video using Zoom, with an option for audio-only. More details will be sent one week prior to class start date. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

A Vision of Care is taught by Leigh Deering.

Leigh has been a student of Tarthang Rinpoche’s teachings for almost 20 years. She has worked with people from around the world as volunteer coordinator for TNMC centers in Berkeley, and at the country centers of Ratna Ling and Odiyan in Sonoma County, CA. Currently she lives and works at Odiyan at volunteer recruiting and coordination, studying and teaching the Caring program, gardening and sublimation sacred art and text production.

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