Cintamani Temple

Cintamani, the wish-fulling jewel is associated with resplendent beauty, with Dhyani Buddha Ratnasambhava, and with the southern aspect of the mandala.

The south is where the Dharma, like the sun, directs its golden rays most strongly, illuminating blessings that flow outward from the mandala in all directions.

Images of Buddhas and Bodhisatvas ranging from 12 to 35 ft. high are arrayed around the exterior, a manifestation of the selfless generosity that offers all beings Enlightenment.

IN its architecture, maerials and forms, Cintamani Temple manifests a vast array of symbols and meanings. At it’s top a fully powered stupa is encircled at its base with three rings of mantras in Lantsa script.

Cintamini Temple is one of the most beautiful and spiritually powerful creations in the world. A golden beacon set against the blue ocean horizon, at its center is a fully empowered 35 ft. tall seated Buddha.

The movement of the prayer lads in the wind bathes the temple and its environs in the blessings of mantras, enhancing those released by the continuously turning prayer wheels that encircle the base of the temple.

Constructed entirely of bronze to endure a thousand years, Cintamani Temple was completed in 2008 and stands 140 ft. high in the southern direction of the mandala.