Copper Mountain Temple

The heart of the Odiyan Center is the Copper Mountain Temple, a 3-dimensional mandala rising 85 ft. high. More than a building, more than a symbol, it contains in its structure and contents the seeds for comprehending the whole of the Buddhadharma. The construction was completed in 1983 and the interior ornamentation was finished in 1988.

Its three-tiered form presents to mind Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya; Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha; the inner, outer, and hidden teachings and the ground, path, and fruit of realization.

Preserving ancient symbols of Tibetan Buddhist teachings, the temple is an offering to the Three Jewels to open new possibilities of understanding in the Western world.

Continuing the pattern of the mandala, the Temple is surrounded by four gateway pagodas. Each gateway rises to a height of three stories, the three Kayas separate yet joined in a unified expression of the mandala.

The Temple rests on a marble-covered plinth measuring 108 ft. on each side. The 5 directions (the 4 quadrants and the center) are linked to the body, speech, heart, qualities and the action of the Buddhas whose presence makes transmission possible.

Encircling the perimeter of the central mandala a formal lake sparkles in the sun. The lake with it’s multicolored lanterns completes the five-fold cosmic landscape of the mandala, adding to earth, wind and space the elements of water and fire.