Enlightenment Stupa

Embodiment of the inconceivable compassion of the Buddha, the Stupa’s structure represents the eightfold path, the six perfections, the stages of Enlightenment and the luminous qualities of the Dharmakaya.

Mantras invoking the blessings of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and the enlightened masters of the lineage have been turnings continuously within the million-mantra prayer wheel at the Stupa’s center since 1980.

The Enlightenment Stupa is Odiyan’s first sacred monument. It is the symbolic form of the enlightened mind as demonstrated by the Buddha himself.

This sacred form, constructed in accord with precise proportions preserved in scriptures, is empowered by a ten-ton prayer wheel at it’s core. It transmits the compassion of the Buddha into the world for the benefit of all beings.

A covered gallery 620 feet around banked by prayer wheels, victory banners, prayer flags and thankas amplify and project the Stupa’s blessings outward over land and sea.

Landscaping the Stupa’s environs included reshaping the surroundings to accord with geomantric principles to increase the spiritual potency of the Stupa and maximize its benefits to nature and humanity.

A symbol of the heart of the Buddha, the Enlightenment Stupa was completed in 1980 and rises 113 ft. high in the eastern direction of the mandala.