Volunteering at Odiyan means becoming an integral and valued part of our community. We live together, work together, learn together, enjoy and care for our beautiful home together. 

As a volunteer you receive:

  • Housing — a comfortable room with one roommate, connected to a large covered porch  with fabulous views 
  • Vegetarian meals — home-cooked and mostly organic (from our gardens!) with open access to our large community kitchen
  • Classes and opportunities for study, reflection, meditation and participation in community Buddhist practices.
  • Living allowance — $150 per month, $216 after one year
  • Free domestic phone calls, free WiFi
  • Free skill training in a wide range of trades and traditional arts
  • A healthy setting of nature, hiking trails, wide-open spaces, sacred beauty, fresh air, clean water, and nutritious food.

The Odiyan lifestyle is active and physically strenuous.  We are seeking volunteers who are hardy and able to use hand tools and small machinery.

Additional skills in cooking,  preserving food, graphic design and/or significant knowledge of  Adobe InDesign, network and computer troubleshooting and programming are always welcomed.

Odiyan has its foundations in Tibetan Buddhism but no religious affiliation is required to join our team. Living in a wholesome environment without the usual distractions of modern life can reveal to each of us the patterns and perspectives we hold that restrict our potential. Therefore, a desire to grow personally and be of service is essential.


  • College degree or significant training in any specific skill
  • Experience working with tools and/or small machines in any of these fields: woodwork, metalwork, construction, building, landscaping, farming, painting, concrete, stonework. 
  • Physically strong, able for manual work for hours each day, including repeated lifting, bending, kneeling.
  • Minimum commitment of six months

Odiyan is located in a very rural area of Sonoma County, CA. The closest small town is about a 40-minute drive along one-lane mountain roads.



The minimum commitment is six months. Send your resume (and photo, if you like) and we will get back to you asap.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about living and working at Odiyan, don’t hesitate to call our volunteer office. 510-981-1987.  You can also check out our FAQs for more information

Guidelines for Applying:

We are seeking applicants with the following attributes:

  • Physical, mental, emotional health and stability
  • Sincere interest in and ability to physically perform the types of work we are currently engaging – primarily construction, metal-work and landscaping
  • Positive attitude and flexibility
  • Interest in inner development and being part of an intentional community
  • Proven history of dependability

Volunteering at Odiyan is challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. Applicants must be in good physical health with no serious or ongoing health concerns. Please do not apply if you are coping with major unresolved emotional issues, withdrawal, diagnosed psychological disorders, if you have recently quit smoking or using drugs, recently begun a regimen of medications or have recently begun or have recently been released from a recovery program.