Support Odiyan

Odiyan is maintained entirely through internal efforts and individual donations. Situated on almost a thousand acres of wild land close to the Pacific Coast, upholding a simple yet nourishing way of life, Odiyan guards the symbolic vehicles of a knowledge tradition on the verge of dissolution.

When you make an offering, you lend direct support to Odiyan’s projects and its people. You are making a material difference in the chances for its survival, and the survival of the irreplaceable cultural and spiritual treasures that Odiyan protects.


Your contribution allows us to maintain thriving organic vegetable gardens and acres of roses, flowering, fruiting and nut bearing trees, multitudinous flowering bushes and countless spring and summer bulbs.


We need to protect the eldest practitioners with the health care their aging bodies require. We need to foster the dynamic group of younger practitioners, providing them with the fuel they need for accomplishment and the preventive care that will keep them going strong.


Your donation helps us to provide food for the dogs, horses, and aviary birds, seed for wild birds during winter, and veterinary care as it is needed.


Your donation towards Odiyan's infrastructure is a direct, pragmatic injection of funding ensuring that Odiyan endures. Such support may seem less glamorous but it is Odiyan's lifeblood, an offering that simply cannot be reduced to a dollar value.