TSK Study Group

Opening to Time & Great Time

TSK Study Group

“By opening ourselves up to ‘time’, it can act and speak more freely through us. Our speech and gestures become totally irrepressible and spontaneous, welling up from ‘time’, the dynamic center of our being. Everything we are and do becomes a direct and overtly faithful expression of the inner structure of ‘time’ itself.” – p.191, Time Space & Knowledge

May 9, 2020 – July 11, 2020 (no class the weekend of 7/4/20)

TIME: 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM Pacific Time

This study group explores the Time, Space, and Knowledge vision of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. Together, we read and discuss Time, Space & Knowledge, A New Vision of Reality, the first book in the TSK series. We also practice the exercises listed in the book together and for at-home practice between sessions.

Our study group is open to all, though some familiarity with TSK may be helpful. Weekly sessions are held via Zoom’s video conferencing service.

All proceeds from the classes go directly to benefit the Odiyan community.


Long-time Odiyan resident, Carolyn Pasternak, led online TSK classes in 2018 and 2019, inspiring many students to continue working with the TSK vision even after her death in the Spring of 2019. The TSK Study Group makes use of the materials Carolyn developed. We are also reading the book together. In the Spring of 2020, we completed the reading of the first section of the book, Space.

The ‘Opening to Time & Great Time’ study group will read the entire Time section of the TSK book and practice all the exercises in this section.

Study group members take turns facilitating. Long-time TSK teachers Jack Petranker and Ralph McFall will join us approximately once a month for guidance and support.

Students will receive a recording of the corresponding classes that Carolyn led (as a supplemental reference) as well as a copies of her handouts. All sessions will be recorded. Recordings will be shared with class participants and enrolled students who are not able to attend during the class time.

The suggested donation for the entire study group is $120. Returning students are asked to help facilitate some classes in partnership with another study group member.

If you have questions or if you would like to attend and finances are an obstacle, please email tskhumanbeings@gmail.com