Vairocana Garden

Vairocana Garden stands at the highest and center point of the Odiyan land from which the four directions of the mandala unfold. The garden is filled with the music of birds and with beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs. It is named for Vairocana, center of the mandala of the five Dhyani Buddhas through which arise all appearances.

At the garden’s center stands the Vajra Bell. Enshrined in front of the bell is the Parinirvana Buddha, offered as a gift to the Odiyan mandala in 2007. The bell calls to mind the primordial sound of Dharma that cuts through the jumble of perceptions and stimulates our ability to respond in new ways.

Prayer flags, victory banners and prayer wheels grace the garden, an expression of the enlightened field of Vairocana.

Cast in a German foundry as a gesture of peace and healing for all beings who suffered the devastating events of WWII, the Vajra Bell is rung every day, transmitting the teaching of enlightenment and their blessings throughout space and time.

The reclining Parnirvana Buddha is a power symbol of the Buddha’s blessings which transcend the limitations of physical form.

Bush roses, tree roses and miniature roses abound; a pure celebration of shape and form, a presentation of the energy of light.