Vajra Temple

Vajra Temple is one of the most important creations of Odiyan. Comprehensive, artistic, and historic, it manifests Guru Padma’s promise to humanity and brings his blessings alive.

In its size and complexity, and in the obstacles overcome during construction, Vajra Temple is itself a miracle that exemplifies the power of Guru Padma’s blessings.

Vajra temple and the surrounding Temple plaza and gardens were constructed from 1987 – 1994.  This temple is Tarthang Tulku’s gift to the West to evoke the blessings of the Vajra Guru that will sustain the Dharma in the new land.

During evening ceremonies light from the temple radiates outward, streaming over the hills beyond.  This light can be seen even by ships following the Pacific coast at a distance of 50 miles.

136 Leyland Cypress were planted as a wind break on the west for Vajra Temple in 1994.  Thousands of Incense Cedars were planted on the surrounding slopes.

A symbol of the diamond light of Awakening shinning in all directions, the Vajra Temple rises 108 ft. high in the western direction of the mandala.  It’s crystalline walls surround 108,000 golden Padmasambhava ten-inch high statues.

On the tenth lunar day of each month, Odiyan residents congregate at Vajra Temple for a puja that includes circumambulation and chanting of prayers and mantras.